Commercial Real Estate Space Available in North Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas Texas

Leadership Matters at JW Management. We are local. We own, lease, and manage our Dallas / Fort Worth Commercial properties. It is simple, we treat our tenants with honesty and integrity, the same way we would like to be treated ourselves. Take a look at our Core Values page to see if we are a fit for your team.

The JW Management Team are experts at Property Management and understand your Office, Warehouse and Multi-Tenant needs…

After all, you have a business to run and don’t need any excuses getting in your way.

The Dallas Fort Worth area has been ranked one of the country’s top biggest cities for job growth. JW Management invites you to be located in the best strategic locations in the DFW Metroplex. We have multiple property locations, North Arlington Westgate Plaza, Hospital District 1625 Mockingbird Lane, Rendon, and Cleburne, Texas.



 Will Your New Business Location Be Used as a Sales or Service Hub?

If your team will be driving to see your customers, what will be the best location to access them. If your team spends too much time in traffic or driving, your business will not be as profitable. 

Who Will You See and Interact with at Your Location?

Evaluate who will come to your business on a regular basis. It is important to choose a location that meets your needs and needs as a business owner. 

Is it Really All About Location, Location, Location?

Actually, finding the correct business location is not just about the price but about how the property will serve your needs. Find a property with a facility both you and your employees will like. It is important to consider the viewpoint of a potential client or customer. A location with a functional layout that makes the most sense for your business and your clients or customers is the best choice. Is the office easily accessible? Does the warehouse have room for expansion? Does the property have enough parking? 

Commercial Property Locations in the Dallas, Fort Worth & North Arlington Area

North Arlington Westgate Plaza

The Westgate property is centrally located in the entertainment district of Arlington, Texas with easy access to I-30 and Highway 360. The Commercial Property is located on a business park just across the street from the Texas Rangers Ballpark and 3 blocks from Cowboys Stadium.


Westgate Plaza features a 10-acre 6 building 150,000 SQFT Multi-Use office, flex and warehouse with on-site property management. We are locally and family owned with fast decision-making ability. We offer personalized office layouts with up to 10,000 square feet of full-service office space and up to 12,000 square feet of office industrial warehouse space. Spaces offered are ideal for full-service office, flexible office & warehouse, and retail. Westgate Plaza has Energy Efficient TPO Roofs, Led Lighting, Energy Efficient HVAC System with a park like setting.

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Dallas Medical District 1625 Mockingbird Lane

1625 Mockingbird Mall has an annual drive by car count of 10,500,000. The area is undergoing a period of growth and renovation that has not been experienced in decades.

There are currently billions of dollars being pumped into the local economy due to the expansion of Parkland Hospital, UT Southwestern Medical Center and the end of the Wright Amendment for Dallas Love Field Airport. These projects have spurred further growth and development all around the Southwestern Medical District in the Stemmons Corridor District. The substantial growth in the area will provide reliable and increasing exposure to prospective clients for years to come.

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Leasing an Office, Flex, Industrial or Warehouse Space

Unfortunately, Commercial Real Estate’s Terminology is not clear in our industry. In order to help you understand the terminology, we have set up an introduction to leasing page to help you learn the industry language. For example, an office is an office, but what is a Flex Office, or what is a Flex space? What is a Warehouse Flex space? What is an Industrial space? What is an Industrial space compared to a Warehouse Space? We can help you understand the Commercial Real Estate industry and easily find the space you’re looking for.

Designing Your Office, Flex, Industrial or
Warehouse Space

We offer complimentary design services for our current and prospective tenants. Since we own the property and it is in our best interest to build out an amazing space, we do it right.

Our team, including the owner, takes a hands-on approach to create your perfect office or flexible office-warehouse space. Right down to the paint colors, we are commercial real estate design experts at thinking out and designing the space for aesthetics and super functionality.


Tenant Construction Build-Out for Your New Office, Flex, Industrial, or Warehouse Space

We are your contractors without the mark-up. Our property management construction services don’t include the normal mark-ups that other property management service companies’ nickel and dime you on.


By focusing on our customers, instead of the mark-up, we can be more competitive in the marketplace. It also helps that we outright own and manage our Commercial Real Estate properties in Dallas, Arlington & Fort Worth and have no ongoing bank loan payments like 99% of our competitors.


Ongoing Concierge Services for Your New Office, Flex, Industrial or Warehouse Space 

Moving into a new office or flexible warehouse space can be scary. Knowing that we are here to hold your hand and help you through the process is cost-effective and reassuring for your team. What happens on the most stressful day, the day you move in, or even thereafter?


Minimizing the interruption to your business and creating a smooth office move-in process is our mutual goal. We know your business cannot afford to be down.