Dallas Retail Space For Lease

Dallas Retail Space For Lease

Have you ever stepped into a store and felt completely captivated by the layout, lighting, and overall atmosphere? That’s the magic of a well-designed retail space. A retail space is more than just a physical location where businesses sell products or services. It’s a carefully crafted environment that engages customers, creates an emotional connection, and ultimately drives sales. From the moment you walk through the door, every element is strategically designed to create a unique and memorable experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Whether you’re strolling through a bustling shopping mall or scrolling through an online marketplace, the importance of a well-designed retail space cannot be overstated. It’s the foundation of a successful business, providing a platform to showcase products, build brand recognition, and create a loyal customer base. In this article, we’ll explore the many facets of retail space, from its evolution over time to the role it plays in the modern marketplace. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

What Is a Retail Space?

Retail space is a physical location where consumers can browse, purchase, and interact with a business’s products or services. It is a dynamic and ever-evolving entity that encompasses everything from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping platforms. In essence, retail space is the bridge that connects businesses to their customers and creates a tangible experience that can help drive sales and brand loyalty.

A well-designed retail space can be a powerful tool in capturing the attention of customers and creating a positive shopping experience. It is a reflection of a business’s identity and values, and can serve as a platform for showcasing products and building brand recognition. From the layout of the store to the lighting and decor, every element is carefully curated to create a cohesive and engaging environment that encourages customers to explore, interact, and ultimately make a purchase.

Retail Office Space for Lease

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the role of retail space is more important than ever. It provides a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with customers in a way that cannot be replicated through online channels. By offering a hands-on, sensory experience, retail space allows customers to truly engage with a brand, build a connection, and develop a sense of loyalty that can last for years to come. So whether you’re a small business owner or a global brand, creating a compelling retail space should be a top priority in your marketing and branding strategy.

Types of Retail Leases

When searching for a rental property, it’s essential to know the various lease types that landlords offer. These lease types determine the allocation of costs between the tenant and the landlord. Understanding these types of retail leases is crucial as they directly affect your monthly lease budget. Here are some of the typical lease kinds you might come across:

1. Full Service Gross Lease

In commercial real estate, a full-service lease, also known as a full-service gross lease or gross lease, offers a convenient arrangement for tenants. In this lease agreement, tenants are only responsible for paying the base rent, while the lessor assumes the financial burden of all operating expenses associated with the leased commercial property. These operational expenses typically encompass insurance, utilities, taxes, and maintenance costs.

Calculating a full-service lease involves adding the base rent to the total operating expenses. Many businesses find this type of lease appealing as it alleviates the administrative and financial responsibilities on the part of the tenant, allowing them to concentrate more on their core business operations. In return for assuming these additional costs, lessors often have the flexibility to adjust the rent per square foot since all expenses are incorporated into the lease terms.

In some instances, a full-service lease may include an “expense stop” provision. This expense stop sets a threshold for expenses the lessor covers, offering protection to the tenant in extreme economic circumstances. Any expenses exceeding the expense stop are typically the responsibility of the tenants to cover. This lease arrangement proves beneficial for business owners working with stringent budgets, as they can anticipate a fixed amount for their leasing expenses, providing stability and predictability in their financial planning.

2. Percentage Lease

The percentage lease and gross lease share similarities in their structure, but the percentage lease is particularly favored by retail stores and restaurants. In a percentage lease, tenants are obligated to pay a portion of their gross revenue to the landlord in addition to the base rent. The specific percentage is typically determined through negotiation between the landlord and tenant during the commercial lease agreement.

The calculation of a percentage lease encompasses the base rent, operating costs, and a predetermined percentage of the tenant’s gross sales. This arrangement allows landlords to share in the success of the tenant’s business by linking the rent payment to their sales performance. For tenants, the advantage lies in aligning their lease payments with their actual business revenue, potentially mitigating financial risks during slower periods.

Percentage leases are often structured with a “natural breakpoint” or “minimum rent” clause. This defines a point at which the basic rent and running expenses by themselves equal a predetermined sum that ensures the landlord a minimum payment even if the tenant’s sales fall short of expectations. Businesses may have the chance to prosper under this kind of lease arrangement, and landlords may be encouraged to actively promote the success of their tenants.

Additionally, co-working spaces in Dallas offer flexible lease terms, making it easier for businesses to scale up or down as needed. Overall, co-working spaces in Dallas provide a dynamic and collaborative environment that can help companies to grow and thrive.

3. Triple Net Lease

An NNN lease, commonly referred to as a triple net lease, takes a different approach than a full-service or gross lease. In this lease arrangement, tenants bear the responsibility for the operating costs associated with the commercial property. Under a triple net lease, tenants are obliged to pay the base rent along with their prorated share of property tax, insurance, property maintenance, and repairs.

Triple Net LeaseIn exchange for assuming these expenses, tenants are granted greater flexibility to modify the property’s design according to their needs and preferences. Compared to a gross lease, the base rent of a triple net lease tends to be lower since tenants are directly accountable for the operating expenses. This lease structure allows landlords to transfer a significant portion of the property’s financial obligations to the tenants, while tenants gain more control over the property and potential cost savings in the form of reduced base rent.

4. Single Net Lease

A single net lease, also called an N lease, is considered the simplest form of a commercial lease. Under this arrangement, tenants are responsible for paying the base rent and property taxes associated with the leased space. The base rent for a single net lease is typically lower when compared to a gross lease.

In addition to the base rent and property taxes, the landlord assumes the responsibility of covering the remaining operating expenses, including property maintenance and utilities. This type of lease offers tenants the advantage of a reduced financial burden since they are only accountable for a portion of the property’s expenses. The landlord, on the other hand, retains the responsibility of managing and maintaining the property, ensuring its proper upkeep and functionality. Overall, a single net lease provides a simplified and cost-effective leasing option for tenants by shifting the operational expenses to the landlord.

5. Double Net Lease

The double net lease and single net lease share significant similarities. The primary distinction lies in the tenant’s responsibility to pay property insurance in addition to the base rent and property taxes. Meanwhile, the landlord is obligated to cover operating expenses, including utilities, property maintenance, and repairs.

The double net lease commonly applies to multi-tenant commercial properties, where each tenant is responsible for their own insurance expenses. In this type of lease, the landlord can expedite insurance policy management while still keeping control over overall property operating costs. The double net lease offers a level of cost-sharing and risk management for both parties by shifting the need for insurance to the tenant. While the landlord remains liable for the property’s ongoing maintenance and utility costs, the renter is still responsible for paying the base rent and property taxes.

6. Modified Gross Lease

A modified gross lease, also known as a modified net lease, represents a balanced approach between a full-service lease and a triple-net lease. This lease type provides ample room for flexible negotiations regarding operating expenses between the landlord and the tenant.

Under a modified gross lease, the tenant is responsible for paying the base rent along with a predetermined portion of the operating expenses, which are subject to agreement with the landlord. The specific costs commonly negotiated between both parties typically include property taxes, insurance, utilities, structural repairs, and common area maintenance.

Modified gross leases are commonly found in commercial towers and business parks, catering to the needs of a diverse range of businesses. This lease arrangement offers a fair allocation of financial responsibilities, allowing tenants to have more control over their operating costs while still benefiting from the landlord’s support in essential maintenance and common area upkeep. The flexibility in negotiating the expenses makes the modified gross lease a suitable option for various commercial leasing scenarios.

Types of Leases Real Estate

Understanding the various types of commercial leases is essential for businesses seeking the perfect retail office space in the Dallas market. From shopping malls to high-traffic street-level storefronts and mixed-use developments, there are several options to suit every business’s needs. Similarly, when considering office spaces, entrepreneurs can explore traditional offices, co-working spaces, or executive suites to align with their operational requirements. Just as the right retail lease can attract customers and foster success, finding the ideal office space can enhance productivity and create a conducive work environment. Whether it’s the retail or office sector, making informed decisions about leasing options plays a significant role in setting businesses up for growth and prosperity in their respective markets. Let’s find out more about the different types of office spaces.

Types of Office Spaces

Office spaces come in many shapes and sizes, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, choosing the right type of office space can make all the difference in achieving your business goals. In this article, we’ll look closely at six most common types of office spaces, including traditional office spaces, co-working spaces, shared office spaces, virtual office spaces, flex office spaces, and retail spaces.

1. Traditional Office

Traditional office spaces are the most common type of office space in Dallas, Texas, and are typically leased long-term. These spaces offer privacy and exclusivity, allowing businesses to customize their layout and design to their liking.

In Dallas, traditional office spaces are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different business needs. They can be found in prime locations throughout the city, including downtown, Uptown, and the suburbs. Many traditional office spaces in Dallas offer amenities such as parking, high-speed internet, and conference rooms to support the productivity and success of businesses. Whether for a small startup or a large corporation, a traditional office space in Dallas can provide businesses with a professional and comfortable environment to grow and thrive.

2. Co-working Space

Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular in the city, providing an affordable and flexible option for businesses and individuals looking for a professional workspace. These shared workspaces offer a range of benefits, including networking opportunities, access to amenities, and a collaborative environment. They are often equipped with amenities, such as high-speed internet, conference rooms, and coffee bars, making them a popular choice for freelancers and remote workers.


Additionally, co-working spaces in Dallas offer flexible lease terms, making it easier for businesses to scale up or down as needed. Overall, co-working spaces in Dallas provide a dynamic and collaborative environment that can help companies to grow and thrive.

3. Shared Office Space

Shared office spaces are similar to co-working spaces but offer more privacy and exclusivity. These spaces are typically leased on a shorter-term basis and offer businesses the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. They also offer amenities such as reception services, conference rooms, and kitchen facilities, making them an attractive option for small to medium-sized businesses.

4. Virtual Office

Virtual office spaces are a cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces, offering businesses a physical mailing address and phone number without the expense of leasing physical space. These spaces are ideal for businesses that operate remotely or have a minimal physical presence.

5. Flexible Office Space

Flex office spaces are a hybrid of traditional and co-working spaces, offering businesses the best of both worlds. These spaces offer the flexibility and collaborative environment of a co-working space but with the privacy and exclusivity of traditional office space. They are often equipped with amenities such as private offices, conference rooms, and lounge areas, making them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to retail spaces. Each type of space offers unique benefits and drawbacks, and it’s up to businesses to choose the type of space that best fits their needs and budget. By understanding the different types of retail spaces available, businesses can make informed decisions and set themselves up for success.

6. Retail Office Space

Retail office space is a type of office space that serves as offices for companies that sell products and services directly to customers. These kinds of locations are frequently found near transportation hubs, downtown regions, or other places with lots of foot activity and easy access. The design of a retail office often focuses on establishing a warm and friendly atmosphere for clients to engage with companies. Businesses like banks, insurance companies, real estate agencies, and other service-oriented enterprises that attend to the needs of specific consumers frequently occupy retail office spaces.

A retail office space’s design and layout are typically intended to draw customers in and provide them with a satisfying experience.

Things To Consider When Looking for Retail Office Space

When it comes to leasing retail office space in Dallas, there are several factors to consider that can impact your business’s success. From location to amenities, each factor plays a crucial role in ensuring your business thrives in its new space.


1. Retail Office Space Location

First and foremost, location is everything. You want to choose a space that is easily accessible to your customers and employees, with ample parking and public transportation options. Consider the surrounding businesses and amenities, as well as the overall vibe of the neighborhood. Is it a high-traffic area with plenty of foot traffic, or is it a quieter part of town that may require more marketing efforts?

2. Retail Space Layout

Does it offer enough room for your current team, and will it allow for growth in the future? Are there any restrictions on how the space can be customized or renovated to fit your business’s unique needs? The design of the retail office space should be carefully considered before leasing a space because it can have a big impact on how well the company does. A layout that is well-planned can improve client experiences, promote a brand, and boost sales, whereas a layout that is poorly designed can have the opposite impact. When choosing the ideal layout, important features like traffic flow, product placement, and signage must all be considered. The design should also be able to fit the needs of the company, including storage needs and back-office activities. In order to make sure that the layout of the retail office space is in line with the goals and objectives of the company, it is crucial to carefully assess it before signing a lease.

3. Amenities and Services

Amenities are another essential factor to consider when leasing retail office space in Dallas. Does the space offer features such as high-speed internet, security systems, and conference rooms? Does it have a kitchen or break room, or will your team need to bring their own appliances and furniture?

4. Cost to Lease an Office Space

Cost and affordability are also crucial factors to consider when choosing an office retail space. It is essential to consider the cost of leasing the space, including rent, utilities, and any additional fees or taxes. Businesses should determine their budget and look for spaces that are within their financial means.

Leasing retail office space in Dallas requires careful consideration of several key factors. By considering the location, size and layout, amenities, and cost, businesses can make an informed decision and set themselves up for success in their new space.

5. Commercial Lease Agreement

It is essential to review the lease terms and conditions. The fate of your business rests on the decisions you make, and one wrong move could destroy the very foundation of your company. So, before you sign a commercial lease agreement, it’s vital to dive into the nitty-gritty details of the nature, types, and applications of the lease agreement. Don’t be blinded by the thrill of signing a commercial lease; take a step back and consider the significant impact it can have on your business. Remember, this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Check our Commercial Lease Agreement article and equip yourself with the knowledge you should know before signing an agreement. 

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Retail Space

Are you looking for the ideal office space for your company? Are you asking yourself how much does retail space cost? When looking for a retail space, it is crucial to determine whether the rental price is reasonable given the amenities and facilities offered. Despite the importance of location, it’s essential to think over if the rental price is fair for the neighborhood and market. After all, achieving the ideal balance between location and price is essential to your company’s success.

Considering any possible upgrades required while assessing a commercial property is crucial. Choosing a high lease fee for a facility with poor value could be disastrous to your company. Do proper research before signing a retail space. Will the landlord assist you with minor improvements, or will you have to find your own contractors? When finding your own contractor, it is definitely worth asking yourself, “How Does an Outstanding Company Hire a Commercial Real Estate General Contractor and Architect for Their Office Space?

It is also critical to be aware of any other costs that can be added to your monthly lease, such as parking fees, maintenance fees, or other extra expenses that may be tacked on to your monthly lease. You can save time and money by simply knowing this.

When looking for the ideal commercial property, JW Management provides a variety of retail office spaces tailored to the requirements of companies of all sizes. JW Management stands out as a top option for clients searching for a commercial space that promotes productivity and success because of its focus on offering well-maintained, practical, and visually beautiful environments. Additionally, JW Management provides a range of leasing options to suit various needs and budgets, making it simpler for clients to locate a space that meets their unique specifications. Customers who select JW Management’s retail office spaces may be confident that they are making a wise investment in the future of their company.

So, are you ready to find the perfect commercial space for your business? Visit JW Management Properties for Lease  to see the available Dallas retail office spaces for your company.

Best Websites to Find Retail Office Space

1. www.loopNet.com

Welcome to LoopNet, the ultimate destination for commercial property needs. When it comes to showcasing properties online, the platform at loopnet truly shines. Loopnet prides itself on providing a sophisticated presentation that captivates visitors, both in person and online. With innovative and interactive multimedia solutions, searching for properties has never been easier, allowing you to imagine endless possibilities effortlessly.

Be prepared to be astounded by the abundance of possibilities available at your fingertips. Loopnet ensures that the options of businessmen are constantly growing and expanding by adding an astounding 800 new listings to their website daily. The possibilities are limitless, and the ideal property is just a few mouse clicks. Whether you’re a real estate expert, an investor, or a business owner looking for the ideal site, LoopNet offers a priceless resource to help you meet your objectives.

If you’re looking for a Dallas retail office space to rent, you can quickly identify properties that meet your needs by entering the office type and location into the search bar on the front page. Learn more about how you can utilize LoopNet to find the ideal retail office space or even other types of office space for lease that suits your company by clicking on this link.

2. www.crexi.com

Commercial Real Estate Exchange, Inc. (Crexi) is a global commercial real estate platform that links tenants, lessors, and sellers with properties. Finding the ideal retail office space in Dallas, Texas, is made simple by the platform’s numerous features, which include an extensive database of properties. Business owners can find the ideal place for their needs thanks to Crexi’s extensive database of retail office spaces in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, Crexi provides sophisticated search filters so business owners can quickly filter and focus their search on factors like location, size, pricing, and others. Crexi’s listings for properties provide comprehensive details about the space, including its dimensions, location, leasing terms, and amenities. If you find a property you are interested in, you can quickly contact the property owner through Crexi’s platform.

In addition to its extensive database and sophisticated search criteria, Crexi goes above and beyond when it comes to helping entrepreneurs find the perfect retail office space in Dallas, Texas. These functions are intended to improve your search process and offer valuable insights and guidance. In Crexi’s market reports, tenants can gain a comprehensive understanding of the current market conditions for retail office spaces in Dallas, Texas. Crexi provides detailed market reports that cover vital trends, pricing dynamics, and property performance metrics. Stay informed and make well-informed decisions based on real-time data.

Crexi goes beyond just a listing platform with all of these features mentioned above. It develops into an in-depth tool that equips you with market intelligence, keeps you informed about business news, and gives you access to professional guidance. Utilize Crexi’s practical tools and insights to confidently locate the ideal retail office space in Dallas, Texas.

3. www.showcase.com

Showcase is a commercial real estate brokerage firm that specializes in retail office space in Dallas, Texas. Several services are available on this site to assist you in locating the ideal Dallas retail office space for lease. Showcase can give you an analysis of the Dallas, Texas, market for retail office space. You will be better able to comprehend the state of the market and find the most significant business possibilities with the aid of this research. This website also has a substantial network of contacts in the commercial real estate sector and can source properties for you. Business owners can access a wide range of retail office spaces through this website, though some may not be advertised publicly.

4. www.cityfeet.com

Another platform for finding the perfect location for your business is Cityfeet. This website links tenants with retail office spaces and any other type of office space globally. A group of seasoned real estate professionals who recognized the need for a more transparent and effective way to locate commercial leasing opportunities created the Cityfeet platform in 2013. Cityfeet has a massive database of commercial real estate properties, including retail, office, industrial, and multifamily space. Tenants can use Cityfeet’s advanced search filters to narrow down their search by location, size, price, and other criteria. In addition to its comprehensive database and advanced search filters, Cityfeet also offers a variety of other features that can help tenants find the perfect space for their needs. Like Showcase, this website provides market reports to help tenants understand the current market conditions for commercial real estate in their area.

5. www.google.com

Google is a very powerful tool that can be used to find retail office space in Dallas, Texas. The search engine giant has various features to help you find the perfect space for your needs. When you are searching for a retail office space for lease in Dallas, Texas, use specific keywords that will help you narrow down your search. Below are some of the keywords that will significantly help you in finding the perfect retail office for your business in Dallas Texas:

Google search Retail Office Space using the following keywords (i.e., Dallas-based locations)

  • Retail Space for Rent
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Finding a Dallas retail space for lease can be challenging at times. As businesses explore their options, it is crucial to perform thorough research into various factors that can have a significant impact on their choice of location. Dallas provides a wide range of retail office spaces to meet the demands of start-ups or well-established companies that are eager for growth. The city offers numerous opportunities for businesses to prosper thanks to its thriving economy and entrepreneurial culture. Therefore, Dallas gladly anticipates your arrival if you’re looking for a retail space that matches your objectives and aspirations.

Dallas Texas Retail Office Spaces with High Foot Traffic

Dallas, Texas, has a strong retail market with a large number of retail office spaces strategically positioned in high foot traffic locations. These prominent locations draw a steady stream of prospective clients, guaranteeing the greatest visibility and exposure for businesses. Dallas has everything you’re looking for, whether you want a storefront in a busy shopping area or office space inside a buzzing business center. The city is well known for its wide variety of retail options, from posh malls and chic shopping centers to busy downtown districts and lively neighborhood streets. We have compiled a list of the offices in the prime locations of Dallas, Texas.

In addition to the thriving local community, these retail office spaces also bring tourists and travelers from all over the world who are drawn to Dallas for its rich culture, world-famous attractions, and booming business climate. Businesses in Dallas may take advantage of the considerable foot traffic in the city to develop a strong presence and increase their chances of success thanks to the variety of retail office spaces that are available.

1. 4560 West Mockingbird Lane.

Make your business stand out with a retail space at 4560 West Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, Texas! 4560 West Mockingbird Lane is a well-placed retail complex located in the thriving city of Dallas, Texas. This bustling retail center, which is located at the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Lemmon Avenue, has already shown that it can support successful enterprises. The Shops at Mockingbird offers a prime location for businesses looking to take advantage of high customer traffic and maximize their potential for success. LA Fitness, Fuzzy’s Tacos, Perky Poodle, Tropical Smoothie Café, and Leslie’s Pool Supply are some of the businesses that took advantage of the retail office in 4560 West Mockingbird Lane.

2. 1625 West Mockingbird Lane.

1625 West Mockingbird Lane is a prime retail location in Dallas, Texas for growing businesses. The property is also located in the Dallas Medical District as well as the Stemmons Corridor, which are two of the most active commercial districts in Dallas. The strategic location allows easy multiple highway routes to travel to your office or to drive to your client’s locations anywhere in the Dallas, Irving, Addison, or Highland Park areas. The property is about 5 minutes drive to Inwood/Love Field Station, Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station, University of Texas at Dallas and the Dallas Museum of Art.

Nestled within the expansive 3+ acre complex, the Retail, Office, Medical, and Flex-Warehouse spaces are surrounded by lovely park-like areas, meticulously designed with beautiful landscaping. Majestic live oak trees that have graced the landscape for more than 150 years are one of the property’s remarkable features. Embracing a commitment to nature, the business office complex showcases an impressive collection of over 10 large live oak trees throughout the premises, complemented by captivating zero-scaping flower beds. This harmonious blend of greenery and aesthetics enhances the overall ambiance, fostering a serene and inviting environment for tenants and visitors alike.

Strategically located on the western side of Highland Park and Dallas Love Field Airport, 1625 West Mockingbird Lane Business Park is housed in the prestigious Stemmons Corridor Business District. UT Southwestern Hospital, Parkland Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital are all just two blocks away from the 1625 Mockingbird Office, Retail Office, Flex Office Space, and Warehouse spaces, making them incredibly convenient for those looking to be close to the renowned Dallas Hospital District. This prime location offers businesses unparalleled accessibility and opportunities for collaboration within the bustling healthcare sector.

  • Suite 303, Retail Space, 1625 Mockingbird Office Retail Space
  • Suite 214, Retail Warehouse Space, 1625 Mockingbird Office Retail Space
  • Suite 207, Retail Warehouse Space 1625 Mockingbird Office Retail Space
  • Suite 114, 1625 Mockingbird Office Retail Space
  • Suite 113 1625 Mockingbird Office Retail Space

3. 1820 West Mockingbird Lane.

This retail building in the thriving Medical District of Dallas, Texas is located at 1820 West Mockingbird Lane. This office space location provides a strong market for retail enterprises with a thriving population of more than 35,000 workers. Additionally, the building is conveniently located near prominent institutions like Parkland Hospital, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, making it a prime location for drawing a regular flow of potential consumers.

This property offers a variety of desirable retail spaces that can be leased right now to meet different business requirements. These spaces, which range in size from 1,000 to 10,000 square feet, give retailers plenty of room to display their goods and services. The property offers numerous lease choices to fit varied business interests, whether seeking a short-term lease agreement or a long-term lease agreement. This property gives an amazing opportunity for businesses who are hoping to start or grow their presence in the retail industry in Dallas Texas. Thanks to the strategic location and a variety of suitable retail spaces in Dallas.

4. 7979 Inwood Rd.

Discover this exquisite office property at the Northwest corner of Inwood Rd & Lovers Ln, a highly sought-after location in Dallas, Texas. Its prime positioning offers exceptional convenience, placing it in proximity to renowned areas such as Park Cities, the Medical Center, Dallas Love Field, Market Center, and the Dallas North Tollway. This property’s accessibility from every part of the Metroplex guarantees that renters and their customers may connect easily.

7979 Inwood Rd boast a convenient location, and it also benefits from the presence of high-end retail establishments nearby. The neighborhood fosters a lively and interesting local experience, offering renters and their clients a great fusion of business and recreation. From upscale shopping destinations to trendy dining options, the surrounding retail scene adds an element of excitement and enjoyment to the daily routine of tenants. Take in the beauty of this expertly designed workplace space and savor the fascinating local experience it provides.

5. 5200 Lemmon Ave

The building is situated in the thriving and developing Uptown neighborhood of Dallas. The area is often visited by both locals and visitors because it is home to various eateries, pubs, stores, and companies. The property is accessible from anywhere in the city because of its proximity to several important routes. 5200 Lemmon Ave is just a few miles away from Market Center Transit Stop, Cole and Lemmon East Transit Stop, Medical/Market Center Transit Stop, Inwood/Love Field Station, and Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station.

6. 5040 Lemmon Ave

A retail building at 5040 Lemmon Avenue can be found in the center of Dallas’s thriving Uptown neighborhood. The building is located on a busy street corner with great visibility from Cole Avenue and Lemmon Avenue. Lemmon Tailor and Arochi’s Barbershop are the two companies that are presently located on the land. 5040 Lemmon Ave offers retail spaces fronting Lemmon Ave. Just like 5200 Lemmon Ave, 5040 Lemmon Ave is just a few minutes’ drive to Lovefield Airport, Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station, Market Center Transit Stop, Lemmon East Transit Stop, and Dallas North Tollway.

7. 5757 W Lovers Ln Rosebriar Lovers Lane

5757 W Lovers Ln is a three-story, mixed-use building on the Miracle Mile in the Park Cities’s shopping and dining district. The elevator system of the eye-catching building is encased in glass, allowing UV light rays to enter the elevator car. Access to offices and mobility about the property are made possible by exterior passageways and stairwells. Each suite has its own ventilation system. Vehicles are shielded from the elements by the underground parking garage for tenants.

8. 4401 Lemmon Ave

In the center of Dallas’ thriving Uptown neighborhood is the 2,429 square foot freestanding retail structure known as 4401 Lemmon Ave. With excellent exposure from both Lemmon Avenue and Herschel Avenue, the building is located on a busy street corner.

The land is classified as PD193, which permits a range of uses, including retail, dining, business, and healthcare. The property is conveniently accessible from anyplace in the Dallas area thanks to its proximity to many important freeways.

Leasing Process: JW Management Tools

In this blog post, JW Management fully explains everything you need about retail office space for lease in Dallas. Leasing a retail space requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that you find a space that aligns with your business goals and budget, and helps you drive success and growth for your business.Click the JW Management Tools link below if you’re interested in finding out more about renting an office space for a warehouse, office space, flex, retail, industrial, or any other form of commercial office space.

1. Tenant Construction Buildout

2. Leasing an Office, Flex, Industrial, or Warehouse Space

3. Designing & Permitting Your Office, or Warehouse Space


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