Fun Las Vegas-style Gambling will Inject over 3 Billion Annually into the Arlington Entertainment District and Texas

Is Gambling coming to Texas and the Arlington Entertainment District

Is Gambling coming to the Arlington Entertainment District? Well, at this point, it is not entirely clear. The Texas Rangers and the Choctaw Resort & Casino signed a new multi-year naming rights agreement for the previously named Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. What would happen if gambling comes to Arlington, Texas? How would it affect the local commercial marketplace? How is the current spike in growth affecting the Arlington Entertainment District? We dive into each subject below to learn more about what will and could be happening. 

(1)  There is a high possibility that Casino gaming will be in the future for Arlington. (2) The surrounding office space in Arlington, Texas, will need to change to support the growth initiative. (3) What type of Flex Office space is in high demand in the Entertainment District?  

Top 5 Reasons Gambling Is Coming to Arlington Texas 

  1. In a huge move, Choctaw Resort & Casinos step up to further their partnership with the Texas Rangers. The new naming rights partnership gives birth to Choctaw Stadium, previously called Globe Life Park, which will provide the Choctaw Casino a larger presence in the Entertainment District, including Globe Life Field and Texas Live! This special casino partnership shows endless opportunities for the future of Texas. 
  1. If you did not already know, the Choctaw Resort & Casino has an ongoing relationship with the Texas Ranger for over 11 years. Unbelievably, the Resort has a VIP one-of-a-kind, Choctaw Lounge in Texas Live that overlooks the 110-ft sports event screen. Having a view of this jumbo screen will make you want to bet on your favorite sports team. Just remember, it is not legal yet.  
  1. The Las Vegas Sands, Windstar Casino & Choctaw Resorts & Casinos are betting on the future of gambling in Texas. In 2021 the Las Vegas Sands ran a $10,000,000.00 campaign supporting gambling in Texas. Las Vegas Style Luxury Hotel Arlington Texas In a conference, Senior vice president of government relations, Andy Abboud, said, “We view Texas as a worldwide destination and one of the top potential markets in the entire world.” “Texas is considered the biggest plum still waiting to be out there in the history of hospitality and gaming.”The financial support to legalize gambling will not be ending anytime soon. 
  1. Built to the high-end Las Vegas standards, Texas Live! surrounding hotels and the convention center have not spared any expenses. As the saying goes, just add water, just add slot machines and gaming tables is the new saying here in Arlington.
  1. In a quote from John Kuempel,“Something this big and complex takes time,” R-Seguin, carried the Sands-backed bill in the House. “These things take time.” Some big names in the Texas sports industry have voiced support for Texas sports betting, like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the Mavericks, and Texas Rangers have formed a coalition called the Sports Betting Alliance. The alliance promotes individual freedom, giving voters an option to decide whether they want sports betting in Texas. With the current support of Casinos in the Entertainment District, it seems like everyone is just waiting for gambling to be legalized in Texas.     
Sports Betting Texas Alliance Organization

Arlington Is Building the Infrastructure to Become the Top Entertainment and Business Destination in Texas.  

The City of Arlington is focusing on attracting multifamily and office development in the area to support the Entertainment District. Office and multifamily development are needed in the Entertainment District. The Economic Development Director, Bruce Payne, said multifamily development in the area would be massive and tighter than typically in suburban markets. Arlington City is full of young and educated workforce, and if Arlington cannot provide enough office space to these professionals, they will move somewhere else. The Entertainment District continues to build on its economic momentum with the expansion of mixed-use residential, both small businesses and housing next to Texas Live! 

After the new 888 room Loews’ hotel is built, a mixed-use residential building will be breaking ground. The residential and commercial building will be located next to Texas Live! and Globe Life Field and will provide a whole new level of unparalleled unique lifestyle experiences. The mixed-use residential building has 280 units, offering an overlooking view of the Texas Rangers North Plaza. Residents will enjoy unparalleled amenities and services comparable with the finest exclusive residences in the United States. On top of that, the residential building will incorporate the new retail space and 1,900 parking spaces in the public garage. 

Arlington’s strengths will be shown off as a place to establish or expand business through the help of the new Arlington Entertainment District’s Executive Director, Broderick Green, and the local leaders. Green’s conviction that Arlington is the Dream City of America only tells that there is much more to expect from Entertainment District. 

Surrounding Office Space in North Arlington, Texas Will Quickly Be Built Out to Support Local Living in the Developing Entertainment District 

The Commercial real estate demand is already on fire in the Arlington Entertainment District. Businesses want to have a nearby office and be a part of what is happening in the Entertainment District. They want to locate their businesses next to the stadiums, hotels, convention centers, and upcoming residential areas. Unfortunately, Tenants are having an extremely tough time finding available Flex, Warehouse, and Office space for rent in Arlington, Texas. 

As the Entertainment District grows, it will expand north to Interstate 30 and east in front of Westgate Plaza to highway 360. Moving south on Stadium Drive, it will expand to Division Street. There is plenty of room for property redevelopment of office, warehouse, and residential living within 1 – 4 blocks of the center of the Entertainment area. 

The nearby Roosevelt and Truman at Arlington Commons redevelopment project has demonstrated that there is demand for high-density residential housing and that $2 per square foot rent works in Arlington.   

What Types of Flex Office Space will be in High Demand in the Developing Entertainment District?   

Office Space and Flex Office Space will be in the highest demand in the North Arlington Area. The definitions of both Office Space and Flex Office Space are listed below: 

1.) Office space is a common floor space for employees to work at that can be separated by cubicles or walls and doors. The office is the space where collaboration and teamwork of the workforce take place. Offices are the typical commercial real estate spaces leased by businesses as companies need a place for their employees to work. The location of office spaces can be inside a one-story or multi-story building and typically has a multi-year lease with the commercial property management company or a landlord.

2.) A Flex or “flexible” space is any single-story building that combines warehouse and office space. Growing businesses usually acquire commercial flex spaces for lease because they allow flexibility and creativity. Company departments can split, adjust, or expand their occupied flex space without leasing extra commercial space. Flex office spaces are also easily customizable for businesses who want to be more creative with their office setup. The clear ceiling height for this space is usually 14 – 18 ft. 

Businesses are looking for office space for rent in Arlington Texas from 500 – 2,500 square feet or to rent flex office space from 1,500 – 5,000 square feet (about the area of a basketball court). As the area becomes fully leased, the demand for the spaces will increase. Currently, the office space that is located within 2 to 3 blocks of Texas Live and the stadiums is extremely limited. 

Westgate Plaza Has Commercial Space for Lease, but Not Enough Space to Satisfy the Future Demands in the Arlington Entertainment District. 

Westgate Plaza is located one block east of Globe Life Field. Available Flex office-warehouse space is extremely limited in the Westgate 10+ acre business complex. We are overwhelmed with inbound leads of companies wanting to locate their businesses within our complex. At this point, the Westgate Plaza mixed-use business park only has 3 Flex-Warehouse spaces available. To lease Flex-Warehouse space in the business park, businesses need to place their name on a waiting list for probable future move-in dates. 

As far as Full-Service office space at Westgate Plaza, the office space inventory is limited as well. The Westgate business complex still has a few Class-A build-out office spaces in the range of 500 square feet to just under 2,500 square feet. Westgate Plaza offers full-service office space ideal for flex, showroom, technology, small industrial showroom, warehouse, and retail.  

The Definition of Class A office space is: An office building with rents in the top 30 to 40 percent of the marketplace. Class A buildings are well-located in major employment centers and typically have good transit, vehicular and pedestrian access. Additionally, they are located adjacent to or in proximity to a high number of retail establishments and business-oriented or fast-casual restaurants. Building services are characterized by above-average upkeep and management. 

To further support the needs of Arlington office space in the Entertainment District, JW Management plans to add 10,000 square feet of newly built-out multi-tenant office space next to Globe Life Field and Texas Live! in 2022-2023. The space will be built out for businesses that will require 1,500 to 10,000 square feet (about twice the area of a basketball court). The newly built spaces will be within the Westgate Plaza Business Complex. 

In summary, will the demand for commercial real estate in the entertainment district skyrocket? Will the partnership between Choctaw Resort & Casino and the Texas Rangers increase the opportunities for businesses to have commercial space inside the Arlington Entertainment District? What will happen in the area when a casino wants to build a new resort next to the Stadiums? It is interesting how MGM Resorts International is also supporting gambling in Texas. 

As gambling comes to Texas, it is still a challenge in the legislature, and it will need to get on the next legislature agenda. There is plenty of support for gambling, but you must put pressure on your local representatives requesting to be able to vote for gambling in Texas. Gambling and sports betting at Texas Live would create a huge economic impact for Arlington, Texas, and the surrounding area. For now, I will be sitting on the sidelines, crossing my fingers as to when the next voting opportunity comes up. 

To contact your Texas representative on bringing gambling to Texas, click on the link below.

There is no limit to what the Arlington Entertainment District will be able to offer to businesses and residence located in the immediate area!